Who says I’m too old??

I was recently advised by a family member who used to run marathons but cant now due to injury that I’m too old and too slow to run half marathons. Now my reply to that is rubbish (actually it was something much more expletive!)

My cousin who ‘advised’ me that I’m too old etc, can’t run anymore as he knackered his knees, he says it was through running on hard ground, he was super fit and ran every chance he got and ran big distances in quick times. But was often injured 😦

My sister is three years younger than me and is a real gym freak, she almost lives in the place. When shes not at work or out running she’s taking classes in kick boxing and the likes so I would class her as FIT. But… she often cant run because she’s injured 😦

Now little old me, I run when I can, when I feel like it and as short or long a distance as I feel up to and so far in the three years I have been running I havent had an injury (touching wood as I write this) 😀

This year I have taken part in the Chester Half Marathon – 2 hours 30 mins, the Great North Run – 2 hours 32 mins, the Bangor 10k – 1 hour 6 mins, Erddig 10k – 59 mins, Vale of Clwyd 5k – 32 mins and a couple of others.

So, you can see by my times that I’m certainly not the fastest runner but I enjoy all my runs and I feel as though I win every time I cross the finish line. I actually enjoy having aching legs for a day or two after a big run as I feel as though I have achieved something and always feel just a little bit fitter 😉

I take part in runs, I dont race which might just be why I’m lucky to have been injury free so far!

Conwy Half Marathon 2012

Conwy Half Marathon 2012

The Conwy Half Marathon is in 12 days time and its on my birthday, so I will be a bit older and who cares if I’m also a bit slower??

The amazing Great Orme

The amazing Great Orme

orme3 orme4

Its a hard run starting at Conwy castle and running up the Great Orme at Llandudno, a lot up uphill running but the scenery is amazing so its really worth the great effort needed by me to get to the finish line.

Wish me luck!


Something to aim for

I like to run but it all started to get a bit too serious with training plans especially when I did’nt stick to them. So I’ve decided to bring the fun back into running and have set myself a bit of a target.

I’m aiming to run from my house to the end of Bangor Pier.

Bangor Pier

No time limit and at no particular pace.

I did my first section today.

From my house down to Talacre beach then back.

The lighthouse at Talacre Beach

It was a great morning, sun was shining but there was a nice cooling breeze, just right for a comfortable run.

I sweat A LOT so the breeze was very welcome but the blister that started on my little toe on the return journey was not. Its amazing the difference wearing the right socks make to a run, today I wore a pair of single layer Karrimore socks which are usually fine for a short run around the block but failed me today. Must remember that for future runs.

Something else I will have to remember for my next run is to take a camera.

So from my house to Talacre and back is a distance of just over 7 miles running along lovely country roads with views over the Dee Estuary, to the beach at Talacre then back along the A548 through the village of Ffynnongroyw then up the steepest steps to Pen-y-ffordd and home.

Success 🙂